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My pet vulture

Kilted Mermaid, Vero Beach 2014-12-19


Kilted Mermaid 2014-11-14

Debauchery 2014-10-10

Kilted Mermaid 2014-09-27

Garbage hands @ WFIT 2014-09-23

Cheeseburger cheeseburger @ WFIT 2014-09-23

WFIT 2014-09-23

Terra Fermata 2014-09-06

Last night at the old hotel review @ The Beachside Resident

“Just when we were beginning to lose faith in the local music scene, along come the scruffily handsome gents of Brevard Busking Coalition to set things right.”

Last Night at the Old Hotel – review

The Beachside Resident