(J. Campbell, traditional)

Fanga Alafia Ashe Ashe
Ikabo Alafia Ashe Ashe

Welcome to our world today
Good health to you always
Peace is my intention
and motivates what I say

Look into my eyes again
I want to make sure you are a friend
Trust should be expected
With innocence as a trend

No tricks up our sleeves
No war, no disease
We only come in peace

“Fanga” is a mystery
It could mean anything
“Alafia” translates as welcome
Good health to you and peace
“Ashe” is authority
Vital life-force energy
The word for inner power
That exists in everything

“Ikabo” I don’t know
Forgiveness some say so
David wants to sing about burritos!!!

(*tip of the hat to Speedy Gonzales)