videos by Rose P.

The Knuckle Buskers have punched a hole in space time! The Eau Gallie Art fest was AWESOME. Thanks to Christine’s International Cafe for allowing us to play 20 feet from the first place (we were kicked out of the art fest and then told that we should have filled out the paperwork and that next time we will be paid!) Ho…

ken holt of Trans Love Airwaves stopped by to busker rumble with his voice + tambourine. apparently he buskered up jared enough that jared momentarily lost his powers to begin fanga-ing. lol.

after our 1st set, i rumbled back, located ken, louis, & sammy down the street, approached from behind, unrequested + unknown to the 3, i joined in like ninja for 1 song that has something to do with being played on the xm radio, + went back with the other knuckles. ken’s got a heart of gold. 🙂