(b. tilford)

you know i used to think that things were really simple when they weren’t were they?
now everything is going in circles in one big simple circle
and just where is it going?
probably into some bigger picture that i don’t even know i’m missing yet

when i was younger i was way ahead of my time now i’m way behind
it may be too late to keep it simple but it’s never too late to just shut

it’s easy for things to get complicated

i guess there’s a lot of homework that i just didn’t do did i?
i got the grade but it turns out i don’t even speak the language
but everything seems to break down and fall away
into the few things that really matter so far

to me this is not so complicated is it?
so if you’re getting this and you’re not too frustrated
we’re thinking out of the same box, please see me after this
we’ll keep it simple, and make it stick

it’s easy for things to get complicated