(b. tilford, F. Dreyer)

hummin along travelin a road singin a song discovered
dreamin of life that we shared look at the sun it’s hungry
remember the time drinkin that wine first time you said i love you
look at the moon look at the night first time i thought you’d be my wife
everyone said that mornin was much tougher than another
i think they said that cause they cared and didn’t want to see you suffer
stand real tall inside of a chair waitin for a call and hope you’re there
pull off the road in a cloud of dust to find a phone a market
dialin home pick up the phone waitin to hear you answer
not too great think i’m late hit the road and figure

tired asleep or cryin you see i’m tryin to think of why you seem to be
tired asleep or cryin you’re feelin alone while i write this song about you
tired asleep or cryin i reach you thinkin about me here without you
while you speak denyin that we could be together there or somewhere else

hey i admit i’m late but love can take care of hate and
all those dreams and pain of love and hope
i put my trust in tomorrow’s arms and then when
we’re in bed we pull the sheets kiss scream love and dream
all the while knowing lying wide awake