A Hippopotamus, angry at Lord N’Gai for not letting him live in the river for fear that he would eat the little fish, walks into a bar in an African fishing village and scares the crap out of the natives who were about to have a cheeseburger barbeque. They end up shooing it away and then promptly celebrate their happiness for getting rid of the hippo.

The wise man of the village warns, “I wouldn’t celebrate too quickly – It will come back! The Lord N’Gai warned me of this Hippo and that it will eat all of the fisherman’s fish and make us all go hungry. We must protect ourselves.”

The villagers did not have any traps for a hippopotamus, but they did have some cockroach spray which they immediately put down in hopes of keeping out the scary beast. Being very pleased with their progression, they decided to have a feast of the finest pesto the village cook could make. The wiseman watched them celebrate and decided to meditate about this hippopotamus.

In his shamanistic way, the wiseman mediated about the hippo and met the creature in his vision. The wiseman entered the dream of the hippo and the hippo spoke to him.
“Wiseman, I was once angry with the Lord N’Gai. He kept me out of the river for fear that I would eat all of the fish! It is too hot to live out on the banks.”
“Why would the Lord have this fear? You seem to be a very peaceful creature.”
“He thought this way because I have eaten everything in the forest and in the plains.”
“How can Lord N’Gai trust you to not eat the fish?”
“Make a dish of ceviche. Put a bowl out for me. I will visit and you will see that I will not eat the fish. Maybe this will help the Lord trust me.”
The wiseman and the hippo sat in their dream state and conversed for many hours eventually talking about the oneness of all things and how they were just specs in the universe.

The next day the wiseman had the village cook create the most delicious ceviche the village had ever tasted and they left some in a dish near the banks of the river. Eventually the hippo walked by the bowl, sniffed it, but did not eat it. Instead he walked by graciously and waited patiently near the river.

This stunning display of patience impressed every nervous fisherman that had gathered to watch the hippo. Once satisfied with this scene, the Lord N’Gai summoned the villagers into welcoming the hippo to live in their waters.

(by JC)