he said she heard

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(b. tilford)

he said she heard
she said he heard she heard he said crazy for her goin out of my head
she heard he said she said he heard not even in the same world
she thought he played she drove he rode soulmates none more for the road
she wrote he read they both witnessed the perfect fit perfectly explode
she tried it on just to wait and see, naturally, entropy
in one coaster-rollin ride they learned
It only takes a minute to break eternity
it only takes a minute

somehow he knew someday they’d make really great acquaintances
she made sure they could endure her promises not to promise anything
they tried it on just to wait and see, naturally, entropy
in one coaster-rollin ride they learned
it only takes a minute to break eternity
it only takes a minute

so if you’re wonderin – how’s it end
well I don’t know, said I don’t know

the mount

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(J. Elizalde, G. Gurrieri, M. Serrano. absurd literal translation/adaption: db, his cheap moves, J. Campbell)

Opening to mount the mount
the glutted eye is at our reach
Previously white is now red
A glutted eye to reach the mount (harto ojo! harto ojo!)

Poor man,
tell me where
Stop – next

A glutted eye interior
Crystal reflects exaltation
The glutted eye is now a scene
Rudely displays all your struggle (harto ojo! harto ojo!)

Poor man,
tell me where
Hide the fire
stop – next – descend (hasta el final)

Flowers bloom abundantly,
Dismal time in dismal places,
Well versed reality
The Seesaw maniac is full of beauty (harto ojo! harto ojo!)

Poor man,
tell me where
Hide the fire
stop – until the end (para luego descender hasta el final)

Pobre hombre
Dime donde
Escondes ese fuego
Para luego descender hasta el final

the original tune:

Think about it

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(his cheap moves, lyrics: BBC)

Brown shoed fortuitous frame
Cool breeze on a sunny day
Absolutely friggin tumescent
Juxtaposed antidepressant, some say

Angelic strawberry cafe
Cheese steak and curry souffle
She said let it sit and fester
in sweaty polyester, ok?

Beach inclusive with the water and sand
Perfect cartwheel with immaculate hands
Treacherous trees impressing
Sure to get undressing, today

We need more questions
Way too many answers

Rhythm fluffy with a beautiful stroll
Melody with no chance for parole
Walking with a ramwong
for the chance to climb with King Kong, huzzah!

We need more questions
Way too many answers

Genetic denim and some alien love
Beaker reading through a kick and a shove
Everything cuatro veces
excellent and effervescent, hurray!

We need more questions
Way too many answers

tired, asleep, or cryin

(b. tilford, F. Dreyer)

hummin along travelin a road singin a song discovered
dreamin of life that we shared look at the sun it’s hungry
remember the time drinkin that wine first time you said i love you
look at the moon look at the night first time i thought you’d be my wife
everyone said that mornin was much tougher than another
i think they said that cause they cared and didn’t want to see you suffer
stand real tall inside of a chair waitin for a call and hope you’re there
pull off the road in a cloud of dust to find a phone a market
dialin home pick up the phone waitin to hear you answer
not too great think i’m late hit the road and figure

tired asleep or cryin you see i’m tryin to think of why you seem to be
tired asleep or cryin you’re feelin alone while i write this song about you
tired asleep or cryin i reach you thinkin about me here without you
while you speak denyin that we could be together there or somewhere else

hey i admit i’m late but love can take care of hate and
all those dreams and pain of love and hope
i put my trust in tomorrow’s arms and then when
we’re in bed we pull the sheets kiss scream love and dream
all the while knowing lying wide awake

Thomas Rex

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(J. Campbell, H. Hancock – Rockit riff)

Went to the store, for GI Joes
He got that ninja who lives in the snow
He nearly pushed over Estaban
All the other Joes hit the floor

He had a can, three bean salad
and we ate it on his back porch
His Mom and Dad got real mad
They thought the cat had soiled the floor

This is a song for Thomas Rex’s son

Run DMC, not new to me
I’m going to prove my strong mentality
I am the King, there is none higher
To burn my kingdom, you must use fire

Hello Destro, you got to know
that the Baroness’ got no soul
Mercenaries getting paid
Keep your metal head in the shade

On Friday, I will go, cross the desert and over to your home
Dig a trench and let the water flow
Ride a dune buggy through our desert home
In 6th grade we’re all gangsters
Herbie Hancock, I’m break dancing yeah!

One day at school, we felt uncool
We had to sing the alphabet
Got laughed at by our friends
even Tim, who could fart on command

Cross-eyed Roderick, your hair so slick
and Kay-Kay is such a bully
He asked if we were blood or crip
We survived by neutrality
at recess they were back flipping
at the school where we learned juggling
we programmed on a vic-20
Thomas and I were mighty!

This is a song for Thomas Rex’s son!


(J. Campbell)

Living upon the notion that the every day’s a flim-flam
To the man who believes in due hate unto his fellow man
He could’ve been happy, but he chose to be not
Now he’s giving, giving what he hasn’t got

Walking on his path he doesn’t seem to be misled
He thinks his inward thoughts are out of place within his judging head
Stepping to the motion of self manifesting evil beats
He only speaks of God when his ego needs boosting

He takes his checkbook and writes unto the charity
Man doesn’t that feel great!
But peace starts right here, man and there’s no time to waste
The man’s a megalomaniac and he’s going down.

Sitting on his throne empty promises run wild
From his lips he sinks ships calling all but him a little child
“Go buy the book!”, with an order and a frown
While children do his work tending basil in the ground

Hungry people? Yeah, and ten are throwing seed
And one by one by one they are disappearing
At night we lick our wounds and pray for a meal
as Madam Wong soothes Evil Man’s primal feelings

Time passes, or so the story goes, and mutiny gets planted in the ground
Harvest time comes quickly, and we all share pesto
Evil Man and Madam Wong come out from the castle to shake their fingers
Saying there’s no cash at all,
and there’s no peace of mind at all to take home. No No.
You are hungry (please bring food) and all alone
“Won’t you praise me?”, cried the Evil Man
And in awe of the beast, was poor Madam Wong

Everybody tired of the motions of the Evil Man
and the lass who followed who couldn’t take her own hand
Courage uplifted! and puffed our chests out.
as Evil Man cried we all had given up!

Global peace? No, but just in you
promising something when your promise was untrue
Working all that time, I look at what I got
No food in my freezer, but for you a bag of rot!

Madam Wong, you should run back home!

Someone’s floating

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(Heinous Bienfäng & his cheap moves)

Someone’s floating in my stream of consciousness
Every night I hear their screams and splashes of distress
Our lives are joined perpetually in periods of unrest
I scream, I scrawl, I bake the wall

If I had half a mind,
I’d take it out and play with it

Someone’s floating in my stream of consciousness
Last night I took a girl on a date and what did she profess
To not know my identity, I said “you wanna guess”?
She screamed, she fled, I dropped my head

If I had my thirty bucks,
I’d go down to the hardware store
And I’d get the largest power sander
And I’d make my brain smoooo-ooo-ooth
(like an egg)

Someone’s floating in my stream of consciousness
Last night I got the final dot of an SOS
A terrible thought has split my skull and now I must confess
I want to do a cannonball in someone’s consciousness

Spacebar (UKO)

(His Cheap Moves, J. Campbell)

Chalmun’s Cantina
A wretched hive of villany and scum
reminds me of Sidi Driss in Matmata, South Tunisia

Ponda Baba Leave me alone!
I came for the Modal Nodes

Mos Eisley just ain’t for me
This space bar has to go

Don’t hassle me anymore
Down at the UKO

My friend does not like you
I don’t like you either

Figrin D’an plays lead
Fiending out on glitterstim spice
It’s harvest time and Han is back from
Millennium Kessel Run

Glitterstim has finally seen the light
Figrin D’an – That Kloo horn is hot!

Ponda Baba, I will slit your throat!


(b. tilford)

you know i used to think that things were really simple when they weren’t were they?
now everything is going in circles in one big simple circle
and just where is it going?
probably into some bigger picture that i don’t even know i’m missing yet

when i was younger i was way ahead of my time now i’m way behind
it may be too late to keep it simple but it’s never too late to just shut

it’s easy for things to get complicated

i guess there’s a lot of homework that i just didn’t do did i?
i got the grade but it turns out i don’t even speak the language
but everything seems to break down and fall away
into the few things that really matter so far

to me this is not so complicated is it?
so if you’re getting this and you’re not too frustrated
we’re thinking out of the same box, please see me after this
we’ll keep it simple, and make it stick

it’s easy for things to get complicated


(J. Campbell, b. tilford)

i rock for the zeolite stilbite, i’m post volcanic like rhyolite
i rock igneous sedimentary all the way from olivene to serpentine
i rock for the wind and the water, turning into pebbles at the bottom
i rock for the plains and the mountains; the forces of erosion!

i’m a roller for the skates and coasters, rollin up, away, back, on, in, and over
i roll for the tootsies and the -ing stones
don’t forget the dinner rolls
risin in 160 species 25 billion cells in a gram of yeasties
saccaromyces cerevisiae, mycillium

wall to wall, square, circle or oblong
we used to wear em glad that didn’t last long
fashionable functionality, traditional, contemporary
could be made of wool, silk or cotton just to walk all over it often
puttin quality in the density
let’s cut a rug

defining the division of the species, all the way with the X or the Y we’re
reproducing or attempting not to be with intense velocity
taking it home with the chromosones
introducing DNA to the moans and groans
about to explode!

*formerly known as “Sex & rugs and rock ‘n’ roll”