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Last night at the old hotel review @ Brevard Live


Last Night at the Old Hotel – review on pg 21

what brYan’s passing means for the band’s future

Many of our fans are asking, on Facebook and in person, what brYan’s passing means for the band’s future.

We are still adjusting to the fact that he isn’t coming to practice this Thursday, or Sunday, or any day after that. There is a critical piece missing from our lineup, and we’re not sure how we can begin to compensate, musically and personally.

We will be performing this Saturday at 3 pm as a celebration of brYan tilford and everything he was to this band, and to those who can attend, in person or in spirit. We hope to see many of you there.

Any further performances are theoretical right now, existing as hazy shapes floating in a universe of love. We can see them, but could not tell you how far or what shape. We hope our fans understand. We will be keeping you posted on this page.

Brevard Live writeup

photo shoot with chuck van riper

photo shoot with chuck van riper

Brevard Busking Coalition: TBA
“We may have just finished the audio! Ermagerrd! I’m beside myself right now.” That is a day in the life of BBC leader Jared Campbell when asked about the new album.
Stating that he “can’t reveal it yet” when asked about the album name, he can explain about the musical direction that the band is headed in. “The first album was child’s play. This new album is more like adolescents play. We dumped out the entire toy box when it came to using instruments.”
Half the fun of hearing Brevard Busking Coalition is seeing the band perform live. Whether it was damn near silencing the crowd in the lobby of last year’s BMAs upon their arrival, or Campbell running around Lou’s Blues handing out commemorative kazoos, BBC make their music an experience. Tie dyed outfits and nontraditional bar band instruments have set the band apart from their local peers.
The new CD should follow suit. “It’s going to be a work of art,” says Campbell. “Do you remember the Dark Crystal? We are waiting for the great conjunction. We are waiting on the visuals to be finished so we’re looking to release it mid Aprilish. Our art director is having a hay day. Heads will ‘splode. Heads will definitely ‘splode.”
Campbell let leak some of the new song titles; “Thomas Rex”, “Come Down From the Clouds”, “Egghead Salad”.
One thing that we’ve come to expect from the band is the unexpected. Keep an ear and an eye out when the new album is released.

Sergio Silva’s Formula for Success


Brevard Music Awards 2013-09-09

Space Coast Daily


• FAVORITE BASSIST: Tom Jadooliest
• FAVORITE ORIGINAL BAND: Brevard Busking Coalition
• ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR: Brevard Busking Coalition

Bammys review on Florida Today

Florida Today
Quirky rockers the Brevard Busking Coalition walked away with awards for entertainer of the year and best original band at Monday’s Brevard Live Music Awards.

The winners

Favorite original band: Brevard Busking Coalition
Favorite cover band: Panama Band
Favorite vocalist: Paul Bender of Funpipe
Favorite guitarist: Kenny Tommassello of Panama Band
Favorite bassist: Tom Hadoulias of Panama Band
Favorite drummer: Tom Van Dyke of Brevard Busking Coalition
Favorite keyboard: Tony Castro of Panama Band
Favorite miscellaneous: Lew Ingelido of Panama Band for percussion
Entertainer of the year: Brevard Busking Coalition
Hometown Legend Award: Joe Calautti
Ambassador Award: Jack Starr
Mover and Shaker Award: Sue Luley of EARTH Awareness, which raises money for school music programs

Brevard Live Music Awards 2013

Brevard Live Music Awards Nominees

Brevard Live Music Awards Nominees

Holy Jamoly!
We have been nominated for 4 different BrevardLive music awards!
We are honored to be amongst such talent!
The online voting begun @
Legend has it that David will do a West Melbourne backflip for every vote you give us!
We’ve also been selected to be part of the evening’s show. Sweet! :)

BBC review by Ana Kirby / Brevard Live

Truthfully, there is no way to compare their music styling to anyone or anything else out there. It is organic and rhythmic and most of all, unique.
Winning the 2nd Annual Original Music Series sponsored by Brevard Live, Lou’s Blues and Budweiser has propelled BBC into the Original Music scene’s forefront. Their eclectic use of a wide variety of instruments makes their music like no other. They really do swap over 30 instruments during each show!
The band’s lineup consists of Jared Campbell on vocals, mandolin and percussion, Ian Koss aka His Cheap Moves on ukulele, Bryan Tilford on vocals, guitar and banjo, Dave Bitner on guitar, percussion, Anthony Darmana on percussion, and Tom Van Dyke on drums and percussion. And they all play bass!
This humble group of amazing musicians put it all out there at every gig. Their main goal is to play their music in front of as many people as possible. BBC’s busy schedule of playing festivals, benefit concerts and live radio performances doesn’t leave them much time to play for their fans in the streets, or “busking”. Do not fret fellow busker enthusiasts. They’ll be back. It’s what they do.

“It will come back to you” cd review by John Leach / Brevard Live

Try and imagine Frank Zappa & Les Claypool hanging in a tribal drum circle being recorded for a National Geographic special at Bonnaroo.
There is a lot on this record. There’s a lot of mirth, a lot of emotion, a lot of people, a lot of instruments, a lot of creativity, a lot of vocabulary words, a lot of time changes, influences, languages, child’s play, nonsense, and even a few cheeseburgers and a bit of pesto. Sound crazy? Wait til you hear it. The cover photo shows six people but the depth of these arrangements makes it sound like more.
Trying to describe Brevard Busking Coalition to the uninitiated is like trying to describe ceviche to an octopus but it’s easy to get carried away on these BBC beats…
There are probably over forty instruments listed in the credits. They range from wooden frog to Fanta bottle to ukulele and beyond. More traditional instruments appear as well. There’s guitar, bass, and drum kits but they function as more of a foundation for the frogs and Fanta bottles to jump and sputter and spray around on. Interestingly, the musicians, or magicians, or buskers, or artists, or whatever this
collective calls their members, or guests, or whatever they are, are listed only by lower case initials: db; djembe – a; big bass drum – tm; agogo bells etc. Obviously this product is not about the people, it’s about the thing. It’s about an opening. It’s about a place to be.
This is more than a record, it’s an invitation. The opening track, ‘fanga alafia’ is a sort of sideways remake of a traditional Liberian song ‘Funga Alafia’. It’s a song of welcome and the Liberian lyrics loosely translate to “I welcome you with my mind, my voice, my heart…” BBC uses English lyrics as well as the Liberian and the song delivers a strong message of multi-cultural unity and peace.
Of the ten tracks on the disc three are titled after foods though the lyrics don’t necessarily speak of food, some of this stuff is downright sarcastic! The words and vocal layers on ‘pesto’, while certainly gypsy inflected, don’t conjure to mind something you’d order at your local Italian eatery. ‘cheeseburger, cheeseburger’ is a protest song about the agricultural industry and definitely not a celebration of one of
America’s signature food. The rhythms bring to mind another modern gypsy band, System of a Down, but the delivery is 180 degrees away from that groups Eastern Euro metal.
BBC stresses a wide range of acoustic sounds. Though not strictly a food name, track #4, ‘mycelium’, (the vegetative part of a fungus), probably the rocking-est track on the record, moves along at more of a Primus beat.
The production is clean and consistent from start to finish and the strong separation of all of the acoustic instruments make It Will Come Back To You a very engaging listen. Every small cymbal or string has room to breathe while still working along with the rest of the ensemble. Congratulations to the sound engineers. This much sonic definition with this many instruments is not easy to achieve.
Grab a frog, a kazoo, a bongocongodrummywhatsitthingy and who knows? You might end up on the next record.
They obviously don’t call it a Coalition for nothing.