Wildly percussive original acoustic music. Imagine death metal played on acoustic instruments. We sound nothing like that, …well maybe just a little bit.

Available audio on-line for your listening pleasure;
for those that couldn’t hear or see the show,
or wanna experience a sense of deja vu if you did.

Last night at the old hotel recorded, mixed, + mastered @ The Zone Productions. most percussion recorded @ db studio.
song list: Thomas Rex, bug in my car, Egghead salad, he said she heard, the mount, Come down from the clouds, Prayers and lies, God didn’t do it, James Natchwey, Someone’s floating, Think about it
live recordings recorded on a behringer x32 rack. mastered with sonar x3
Bud the Spud 12/aug our 1st soundtrack video
It will come back to you 08/oct our 1st studio album. most songs are floating around the web album/mp3s
Love + Buskers 01/jul Soundwaves w/ Todd Kennedy @ WFIT podcast
Smell the Busk 23/apr live EPs are now available album/mp3s
Shamen Noodles 23/apr live EPs are now available album/mp3s
Busk-a-thon 05/oct Julius C. Lacking @ WFIT. mp3s ripped from youtube videos mp3s
Inglorious Buskers 21/dec The Flip Side w/ Java John @ Tropic Wave Radio podcast

All song arrangements by Brevard Busking Coalition.