left to right: his cheap moves, A, Tom, Jared, brYan, db


Our buskers have been mediums for music for decades in various bands, including:
Elephantgun, Heinous Bienfäng, Local 518, The Melbourne Drum Tribe, Nuclear Umbrella, Odd, OrgAsmO, & Peter Tuck.


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A bass, BBD, bongos, cajon, cymbal, didgeridoo, djembe, mandolin, keeper of the cosmic clock, triangle, udu, vox sun 28 jun 2009 19:00-ish soul industries
db bass, BBD, cabasa, classical guitar, cowbell, doumbek, frog, goat hooves, djembe, guiro, klaves, metals, rainstick, ramwong, shakers, singing bowl, tambourine, udu, vibraslap, vox, x-ray bongos, jungle keeping, freedom campaigner, audio/visual collector, webeo mon 22 jun 2009 18:00-ish db productions, campaign for liberty, food not bombs
his cheap moves bass, accordion mouth-tube thingy, ex-ribbed fanta bottle, huaraches, chin hair, pensive stare, ukulele, vox, webeo sun 18 oct 2009 19:00-ish interview
Jared Campbell bass, BIG bass drum, cajon, cowbell, cymbal, that cash, flex-itone, guiro, kazoo, slightly obscene liver enhancing shaker, mandolin, more cowbell & metals & shakers, phenomenal cosmic power, lyrical gangstrosity, udu, vox mon 22 jun 2009 18:00-ish Peter Tuck
Tom Manlike bass, BBD, bongos, cymbal, djembe, hands & fingers, hi-hat, ramwong, robble robbles, shakers, snare, sweet sweet love, agogo bells mon 22 jun 2009 18:00-ish Tommygun
1st gathering of the minds: mon 22 jun 2009 18:00ish @ db’s pad in west melbourne, fl. db, jared, + tom in the backyard + then inside once the sun went down. topics: music creation + philosophy. result: 4 recordings + good vibes. 🙂 soon to be followed by more busker-births.
brYan (RIP) guitar, banjer, bass, melodion, shakers, supernatural songwriting ability, king of quirk, talking drum, vox, lost looks, dj backscratcher, frame drum sun 25 jul 2009 19:00 – 12 apr 2014 ghostbeat