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Life Care Center 2014-12-103

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My pet vulture

(J. Campbell)

I have a vulture for a pet and he lives on a telephone pole
You can see him in the sky above me
Soaring on those sexy warm thermals

I never ever feed him directly. [No no no]
It cleans up after me [yo yo yo]
Sometimes I start to feel nervous [so so so]
my vulture’s getting hungry

Aloft and soaring
hardly flapping their wings
Never joining to sing
They’ve got no syrinx

Cathartes aura is a carrion crow
unrelated to the world of old
It looks the same, but only because
convergent evolution, or so I’m told

I never ever feed them directly. [No no no]
They clean up after me [yo yo yo]
Sometimes I start to feel guilty [so so so]
because they’re populating

Now I’m old and aging
He circles right above me
and as I drift into sleep
I hear him hissing

I awaken to light
as my dinner guest flies away.

Kilted Mermaid 2014-11-14

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