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Brevard Live:


“Last night at the old hotel” cd review – by John Leach

Brevard Busking Coalition
Last Night at the Old Hotel
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at The Zone Productions by Mark Brasel

Last Night At The Old Hotel is Melbourne Florida’s Brevard Busking Coalition doing once again what they do best – stun. Their last record It Will Come Back To You was a fun and interesting collection that showed great promise from a favorite local act. This release is that promise fulfilled at a national level.

Trying to describe Brevard Busking Coalition to the uninitiated is like trying to describe the sunrise to a police officer after an all night ecstacy-fest with Phish and Weird Al Yankovic. Some things are better experienced than explained – so hang in there folks, it’s gonna be a weird ride:

The disc kicks off with a BBC kazoo assault that blows straight into a jumping, wobbling carnival bass line propelling and pumping more lyrics than most artists could lay down on a double album. It’s fast, funny and raucous in the same way as watching a hyperactive party clown blaze his unicycle into a brick wall. References to GI Joes, Run DMC, and the riff from Herbie Hancock’s “Rockit” keep the surrealism moving lyrically, musically and comically. It’s like “The Chicken Dance” for hippies – at the circus.

When the second track “Bug In My Car” hits, it slides off in such a completely different, darker direction that this disc should come with a warning sticker: CAUTION: CONTENTS ARE TOO INTERESTING TO CONSUME WHILE OPERATING A MOTOR VEHICLE – OR ANYTHING ELSE!! According to the last stanza, this surprisingly creepy tune will take you “flying straight into a wind
shield called earth”. Friends shouldn’t let friends drive on BBC.

There’s a lyric sheet included, which is good, because there’s more words in this work than the average divorce settlement and none of the tunes follow a verse/chorus format. How can they possibly do this stuff live? How can they remember all these words? There’s lead vocals, backing vocals, harmony vocals, sing-a-long vocals, even sotto voce voice over passages in a few tunes (especially interesting is the Shakespeare-esque Humpty Dumpty saga in “Egghead Salad” – a brand new take on an age old
rhyme) all hurriedly pointing the listener from one image to the next like a bunch of excited school teachers running their charges through a lyrical museum. There’s anti-war messages in “God Didn’t Do It”. There’s Sudanese in “James Natchtwey”, and brain bending lyrics like “Absolutely/friggin’ tumescent/juxtaposed antidepressant” and “Rhythm fluffy/with a beautiful stroll/Melody with/no chance for parole” in “Think About It”. If it wasn’t all so interesting it would be exhausting.

Musically the multiple instruments like djembes, vibraslaps, banjos, melodions etc. etc. etc. etc. move and swirl back and forth, up and over and around themselves like a slaphappy serpent’s nest celebrating the first day of spring. The percussion instruments run right along with the bass guitar creating a very strong rhythmic vehicle for all of the intricate lyrics to ride on. The tone on each separate instrument, from the wooden frog to the goat hooves and beyond, is distinct and purposeful. The bass guitar, which pretty much drives the whole project, is powerful enough to drive any band that’s ever played Bonnaroo, Wannee, or any other psychedelic summer festival. The bass tone is so bad ass that this year’s Golden Bass Tone Award goes to engineer and mixing desk maestro Mark Brasel of Zone Productions.

As diverse and far out as these tunes are, they all pile up into a satisfying and challenging world class listen. With
work as engaging as this, soon Brevard Busking Coalition won’t be known as Melbourne’s most stunning recording act. They’ll be known as a stunning international act based out of Melbourne FL.

Brevard Live:

“It will come back to you” cd review – by John Leach

Try and imagine Frank Zappa & Les Claypool hanging in a tribal drum circle being recorded for a National Geographic special at Bonnaroo.
There is a lot on this record. There’s a lot of mirth, a lot of emotion, a lot of people, a lot of instruments, a lot of creativity, a lot of vocabulary words, a lot of time changes, influences, languages, child’s play, nonsense, and even a few cheeseburgers and a bit of pesto. Sound crazy? Wait til you hear it. The cover photo shows six people but the depth of these arrangements makes it sound like more.
Trying to describe Brevard Busking Coalition to the uninitiated is like trying to describe ceviche to an octopus but it’s easy to get carried away on these BBC beats…
There are probably over forty instruments listed in the credits. They range from wooden frog to Fanta bottle to ukulele and beyond. More traditional instruments appear as well. There’s guitar, bass, and drum kits but they function as more of a foundation for the frogs and Fanta bottles to jump and sputter and spray around on. Interestingly, the musicians, or magicians, or buskers, or artists, or whatever this collective calls their members, or guests, or whatever they are, are listed only by lower case initials: db; djembe – a; big bass drum – tm; agogo bells etc. Obviously this product is not about the people, it’s about the thing. It’s about an opening. It’s about a place to be.
This is more than a record, it’s an invitation. The opening track, ‘fanga alafia’ is a sort of sideways remake of a traditional Liberian song ‘Funga Alafia’. It’s a song of welcome and the Liberian lyrics loosely translate to “I welcome you with my mind, my voice, my heart…” BBC uses English lyrics as well as the Liberian and the song delivers a strong message of multi-cultural unity and peace.
Of the ten tracks on the disc three are titled after foods though the lyrics don’t necessarily speak of food, some of this stuff is downright sarcastic! The words and vocal layers on ‘pesto’, while certainly gypsy inflected, don’t conjure to mind something you’d order at your local Italian eatery. ‘cheeseburger, cheeseburger’ is a protest song about the agricultural industry and definitely not a celebration of one of America’s signature food. The rhythms bring to mind another modern gypsy band, System of a Down, but the delivery is 180 degrees away from that groups Eastern Euro metal.
BBC stresses a wide range of acoustic sounds. Though not strictly a food name, track #4, ‘mycelium’, (the vegetative part of a fungus), probably the rocking-est track on the record, moves along at more of a Primus beat.
The production is clean and consistent from start to finish and the strong separation of all of the acoustic instruments make It Will Come Back To You a very engaging listen. Every small cymbal or string has room to breathe while still working along with the rest of the ensemble. Congratulations to the sound engineers. This much sonic definition with this many instruments is not easy to achieve.
Grab a frog, a kazoo, a bongocongodrummywhatsitthingy and who knows? You might end up on the next record.
They obviously don’t call it a Coalition for nothing.

Brevard Live:

The 10Th Annual Brevard Live Music Awards WILL ROCK – Brevard Busking Coalition – by Ana Kirby

Truthfully, there is no way to compare their music styling to anyone or anything else out there. It is organic and rhythmic and most of all, unique.
Winning the 2nd Annual Original Music Series sponsored by Brevard Live, Lou’s Blues and Budweiser has propelled BBC into the Original Music scene’s forefront. Their eclectic use of a wide variety of instruments makes their music like no other. They really do swap over 30 instruments during each show!
The band’s lineup consists of Jared Campbell on vocals, mandolin and percussion, His Cheap Moves on ukulele, Bryan Tilford on vocals, guitar and banjo, Dave Bitner on guitar, percussion, Anthony Darmana on percussion, and Tom Van Dyke on drums and percussion. And they all play bass!
This humble group of amazing musicians put it all out there at every gig. Their main goal is to play their music in front of as many people as possible. BBC’s busy schedule of playing festivals, benefit concerts and live radio performances doesn’t leave them much time to play for their fans in the streets, or “busking”. Do not fret fellow busker enthusiasts. They’ll be back. It’s what they do.


Brevard Busking Coalition – It Will Come Back To You – By David Baker

“They are a little goofy and innovative. and sound like nothing you have heard before.”


Brevard Busking Coalition – It Will Come Back To You – By Joe Ross

“If you’re into peace, love, happiness and freedom, you’ll enjoy their racket. Listen to their music with plenty of chocolate, espresso, hot sauce, crash potatoes, organic meat, hot tea, and spicy hummus.”

Vertigo Music Magazine review:


Brevard Happening interview:

“we thought they sounded a bit like early They Might Be Giants and a little like Primus, with some Moxy Fruvous, Rusted Root and The Specials thrown in for good measure. Here they were a bit island, there a bit metal–one song was kinda punky; the next, alternative folk.”

Ink 19 feature interview:

Brevard Busking Coalition – Don’t Buy a Gravestone Until You’re Dead by David Johansson

“The Buskers understand dynamics, pacing, the push and pull of musical sex with the audience. They lull, then surprise, then ease off, then explode, with Jared blasting into a high end that’ll raise the hair on the back of your neck. With their off-kilter rhythms, it’s like riding in a donkey-cart along a ledge trail, and the thing is swinging you back and forth and giving you glimpses of the abyss, while the inscrutable driver turns and grins at you, full of confidence. So, too, the Buskers take you for a ride in their danger-cart, teetering on the edge, yet they never let you fall… and so you learn to trust, going deeper, into the experimental, into the deep, exploring the canyon floor, where His Cheap Moves woos you with his mad ukulele. It can be an eerie journey, full of shadows, but then the Buskers lead you out of the dark wonders of the earth and into the sun, into heat and light.”

Ink 19 review:

Shamen Noodles/Smell The Busk EP review

busk (verb) Chiefly British. To entertain by dancing, singing, or reciting on the street or in a public place. Origin: 1850 – 55; “to make a living by entertaining.”

You’re forgiven if you have no idea of “busking.” As the definition says, it’s mainly a United Kingdom thing. Billy Bragg got his start “singing in the tubes” and scores of entertainers have struck up a song on the streets, put a tip jar out, and “sang for their supper.”

Don’t think any of them went at it like the Brevard Busking Coalition, however. These two live EPs are an exercise in audio anarchy. Between the six members they play over 30 instruments, and what a racket! Strains of Frank Zappa meet XTC, or perhaps the Holy Modal Rounders playing Tejano music, its all here. “God Didn’t Do It” gives a pointed rebuke to modern society, and “Spacebar” sounds like doo-wop on Mars performed by Primus. Or something. If you’re down Florida way and see a bunch of ne’er do wells playing in the streets, give a listen. You ain’t seen — or heard — anything like it. These EPs are available as free, Creative Commons-licensed downloads, check their website.

Brevard Busking Coalition: brevardbusking.org

James Mann

cd reviews


tauth Amazing. I can’t stop listening. This album is awesome. I saw them live recently and was amazed immediately. There are so many styles and influences here and they are merged together in a very interesting way. This band deserves their own genre. My only complaint is that I want more.

Sharon M it’s one of my faves!!

Glenda W I love my new CD, “It Will Come Back to You.” I keep listening to it over and over and over and, you get the idea!! I love this CD!!

Tim B I LOVE having the BBC version of Fanga running through my head. Sure glad I bought a CD ;-). This is the sweetest song ever! Your Fanga is addictive! I just played it over and over on my way to my C treatment (and back 😉 It keeps a huge smile on my face even when it is just playing in my head 🙂 Thanks! I’ve been listening to your Fanga every morning on the way to and from my treatments at the cancer center and it never fails to make me smile all over! Early in the week I just had it in the car but then i found my ear buds and now I walk all the way into the linear accelerator room with it playing. I do stop singing along when I walk into the building though ;-). I LOVE love love singing along to it! See you in Vero next week! 🙂

Andy M
Been enjoying some Brevard Busking Coalition in my car the past couple of days. Thanks for the free CD, guys!

Sean M You guy’s were the most interesting band I’ve never heard of! You CD is killer.

Diely P You have a new fan! I LOVED you guys on Thursday at the Pizza place!!! I am SOOOOOOO buying your CD when it comes out!!!


what we sound like to others


While someone likened us to an “audio happy pill”, others have compared us to bands we may or not have ever heard of.


Lucy C It’s like the Aquabats and AC/DC had a baby, and CAKE and a pirate had a baby, and then those babies grew up and matured in their sound and went to Burning Man, and then had a baby. That’s the story, right?

Charlie M Home grown, Buskockountryassicalythm, Imagination and fantasy put to music.

Parker M Indie world, with folk and calypso influences. Boom goes the dynamite

Andrew W Americana or folk rock.

Rachel B Kick Ass! I concur.

Jill T Unique, a little New Wave/Rock and Feed your soul Worldly! <3

James M Anarchist jug band.

Michael C Urban Folk

Kenny B Modern Acoustic Pop…

Francis G Electric Unplugged, Folkconfusion, Adult alternative contemporary world rock with creative tendencies, Sidewalk rock, They might be Bordello, Afoostic, World Pop – I think is most accurate.

Lucy C This is like if the Violent Femmes and Gogol Bordello met, and they had a baby. And then, meanwhile, Tenacious D and Acid Beatles met and they had a baby, and then those two babies met, this would be the crazy shit that they birthed. For real though, aleatoric campursari

Samuel R jamaican gypsy punk

Jamie O Supersonic Hyperbolic Tribal Urban Folk music

Alison S
Gypsy Blitz Rock, Gypsy House Party, Gluten-Free Folk Rock

Bobbi H Tribal Rock

Jett W amazing show at Paralounge guyz!!! u have such a varied and unique sound… it’z like ‘They Might Be Giants’ meets ‘Primus’ 😀 i really enjoyed hearing u again!!


fan comments


Calanthe Your music makes me smile until it hurts!

Ron V Sue, the fearless spiritual leader of The New Way was so impressed that she wants to get your group to actually do a service or concert for us. Her partner was sick and could not make it last night, and yours was the ONLY group where she felt her partner had missed something outstanding. Sheryl P also commented to me last night how great she thought you guys were….You’ll be hearing from us again…oh, and Sue also thought your “energy” as a group was really spiritually attuned or something to that effect. You made an impression guys, and it was a good one.

Tim J You guys were great =)

Lisa P Great show! Listening now… you guys are awesome! :o)

Rachel B Great show!

Maria L You guys were great last night!!!

Bob S Your group offers more than music per se; you are basically an act or perhaps we should say an “experience.” I am impressed by the variety of instruments that are played. The didgeridoo is especially noteworthy, and many have no idea what it is. Your humble admirer.

Lisa C I heard it live! You all played great and were funny-funny!! This is definitely worth a listen. Can’t wait until you play out again…it’s always a hoot-n-nanny!

Thomas G Busky busk you funny sombichez!

Jen L Ya’ll were so amazing! Individually and as a group. What a gift. Color me a fan!!

Elayne C what a motley crew 😉

Michelle T Even if they are starving, natives living in the Arctic will never eat a penguin’s egg…………. but that’s not what this post is about…. its about……. YOU GUY’S ROCKED!!! LMAO!!! I thoroughly enjoyed watching you play…it was awesome!!!!! =)

Tod M The Brevard Busking Coalition is a spontaneous and fantastic band who played a hilarious song called “But that is not what this song is about”

Mike W That band was bad ass, but that’s not what this post is about, this post is about this! {Mike starts dancing wildly}

Joanna C That (spec) *is* spectacularly awesome!


Rose P You guys sound great! Viva la Beefburger!

Natalie O I second that, Rose! AWESOME!

Mike W
I got to hear you guy’s last night on the radio, I ended up sitting in my driveway for like an hour listening to ya! You guy’s are really awesome. you guy’s really impressed the hell outa me and all my friends.

Andrea D Great performance today, guys

Tod M LOL ye covert Karate Choppers: You deserve stage 1 front and center! Indeed you are the DENIZENS (semi-archaic word meaning: “A foreigner who is granted rights of residence and sometimes of citizenship.”) of mainstream music now no matter how seriously you don’t take yourselves 🙂

Jon B I had a great time today. There was a smile on my face the whole time. Thank you!

David J Wild world beat fusion . . . great set, guys. Loved it.

Shelley B
You guys sounded awesome!

Terri B I enjoyed every moment. Wonderful

Tod M Canned music? You guys slam the canned music on the stage just like Chuck Berry, Pete Townshend, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page and United Airlines break guitars…refreshing to say the least!!!

Michele G What a great time for a great cause! You guys are amazingly odd and beautiful…. 🙂

Debbie G what a fun morning! what an oxymoron! thank you tho!

Pam P You guys rock! Can’t wait to see you perform live!

Jane C i’d be sayin…”u cats need a nurse aboard that thang?” saw you guys while visiting with sum phriendz recently! Talk about a FUN BAND man! You guys Are quite unique!

Lucy C Badass.

Charlie M They don’t just play and sing, they entertain.

Lisa B Ya’ll sounded awesome!

Kenny B You guys sound really kewl!!! A very unique sound and vibe! At least I got a chance to jam with everyone at Anthony’s last birthday party just in case you guys go big time. 🙂

Kim E Love your music:)

Bry A I just gotta tell you guys that you kick major arse. REAL original music. Many blessings to you all.

Byron K thanks guys. love your music.

Kenny B This so KEWL!!! FRESH Funky Groovable Jams that people need to hear!!! Im so down with you guys….. Right On Anthony. This kinda has a “Cake” vibe to it. I Dig it!!!!

Rich R Nice… You guys are so much fun…

Amelia J Super fun!!!

Pam P YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Thoroughly enjoyed the event!! Hubby was totally amazed and is a new fan!!

Diely P You guys blew me away! LOVED the song “This song is about…” I am your newest fan!


Ken G Thanks again for performing at my Halloween party this year. It was a great time. You guys rule!

Eric F Super like

Cindy B I’ve been chewing on spec for a long time. Love it!

Amelia J LOVE IT!!!

John M You guys were great last night. Thank You

Tiffany A thank you so much for coming out!!!! you always make our ribs pop!!!

Ken G That was a fun show!… luv u guys… 🙂

Mandi P I say ‘Thank you’ with everything I have for your amazing performance tonight…. I am overwhelmed with love and gratitude. You all are amazing, funny and EXTREMELY entertaining! Lovelovelove!!!!

Tiffany A thank you soooo much for coming out to the fundraiser and performing! you are the best!!!! you always make us laugh and wow us with your imaginations….we love you :]

Jessica F You guys are awesome!! I enjoyed your performance last night immensely!!! In fact, im still laughing. Much Thanks for all you share

Andrew H Yo, you guys killed it today!

Diely P Just got the digital album through Amazon…IT’S GREAT!

Getaway Martini Bar You guys were outstanding without question.

Torrie M I had the pleasure for the first time in seeing ya all at the Baroos Beachside Bar for David Pastorius Benefit. From your unique style of clothing, instruments, music the total package. And your high energy stage performance was absolutely wonderful. Thank You 😉

Amelia J just had an amazing moment… was listening to random stuff on spotify and thought, i’ll just type in brevard busking… and it was there :))) loving it!!! AWESOME!!!! Spec is my favorite!!!!!!!!!! Incredible!!!!!!!

Charlie M Special thank you to a group of special musicians. When you see a group like this who can switch around and play any instrument, that’s real talent. And they don’t just play their songs, they entertain. I saw smiles on many faces today. Y’all brightened the afternoon for many people today. Again, thank you.

Charlie M Did I tell you guys you’re the best band I’ve heard for a long time.

Tom S This is good guys. I like the variety of instrumentation (of Cockroach spray).

Alan L good stuff

Tim B Impressive, sirs!

Willie W The Brevard Busking Coalition WAS the show. So Fun!!!!! The CEO of YouNow loved it.

Words Great music guys!

Kimberly M Man Oh man. I just listened to Cockroach Spray again. Brilliant. Also, I played Cheeseburger Cheeseburger at full volume while cleaning the kitchen and dancing wildly. Wildly I tell you!

Jason M You guys are one of the most creative and original groups I’ve seen. I especially liked the guy on mandolin.

Javier E VERY GOOD, this version (of The mount) is super good, congratulations.

Coleman G Ya Man Amazing ! love you guys original and fun.

Andrea D What a fun band!!

Susan K I sure had a great time that night. Great Show at Murdock’s; thanks for the tears of pure joy.

Tia R Loved the show~

Daniel H You guy are very refreshing.

Tia R You guys were awesome last night at Murdock’s~

Jim B Great band. Fun, sounds. Enjoyed it mucho!

Dave A You guys are awesome.

Charlie M A big round of applause goes out to the Brevard Busking Coalition for their performance at LCCM yesterday. Had a larger audience this time. And as usual they were extremely entertaining. Thanx for coming out to entertain those who are healing and will go home and those who have made their home there with us. Y’all rock.

Craig S You are apparently too modest to say that your (Bud the Spud) soundtrack is luminous, wildly creative, delightfully unexpected, and really, really beautiful. Perfect, really.

Sharan M That is so amazing!!

Susan K BBC Rocked the Mermaid last night. Packed house was dancin in the aisles. GREAT SHOW!

Treva D WOW!! What a Groovy Band….

Misty D Had a wonderful time guys.. You rocked the place!!!

Lauren H
Had a great time last night!! I am officially a BBC groupie. Lol. 🙂

Lisa C Terrific show guys! The Kilted Mermaid is my new favorite drink and dine den!

Jason C Just. Plain. Epic.

Anywave D listening to Brevard Busking Coalition makes him feel Daring and Wild….

Misty D The rendition of “Kiss” was so much fun.. Never knew a mans voice other than prince could hit notes like that.. What great fun as usual.. Brought some friends to check you guys out and they loved you.. A hit as usual.. Thanks so much..

Teri F I love this band

Susan K REALLY love your music!

Cayli A My mind was blown by the Buskers last night! Never seen you guys perform before! It was a fantastic show thank you for having us girls open for you, it was an honor! ?

Ed E BBC is my new favorite band! Thanks for letting me jam with you on Sunday. More good music and good humor are just what this country needs to heal itself from the pathetic political divide which is killing us. I’m currently writing a song about how happy I feel when I watch you guys perform. So busk on my friends!

Tonya C Saw you out there! First time we’ve heard of you! Loved it! 🙂

Rudy A Great show, next goal, catch you at the Kilted Mermaid!

Rudy A and a fine performance it was, my sunbaked friends

Susan A Enjoyed the show Dave.

Joan C Fun stuff guys, with awesome beats and rhythms backing up silliferous yet soulful lyrics… original stylie at its finest! Enjoyed expressing with flair (quite literally) your music as it moved through me & right onto the Kraft paper tablecloth, lol! Could have used some crayons at those tables for sure, but now serves as a “Color Me Happy” placemat for y’all to share 🙂 Thanks you guys for a musically gratifying, smile-inducing afternoon! <3

Thomas T good show tonight…really enjoyed it…

Ed E Sandy and I enjoyed the show on Saturday, and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Eclectic music and comedy really work for you, and the creativity is fantastic. Keep up the good work, and have fun!

Andrea M That was mega fun watching <3

Misty D love the buskers!!!

Charlie M Twas a good show. You guys are awesome.

Susan K Lots of smiles in the crowd…LOVED the “heavy clay” song with all that reverb.

Robin S You guys were AWESOME!!!!! So glad you were part of Unity’s Peace in the Park!

Cheri C maybe u need a Scooby snack???? ur new band is awesome. love n miss all ya’ll

Natalie O KazooAwesomeness 🙂

Linda Z A friend and I saw you that evening and loved it! How fun you guys are.

Pete L My wife and I and some friends saw you at the Kilted Mermaid this past weekend and we absolutely loved the show! hahahahahhaah. I fist got inside and heard the music I was like “WTF”! hahahahah I asked one of you if all the songs were original and you said yes and we just sat back and loved it! All of us did! It was great! We are going to follow your gigs and hopefully be able to go to a lot of them! I was the guy asking if you do backyard gigs so hopefully we will be able to hire you guys some afternoon/evening for some fun! Thanks guys!

Mydogisdead cool performance lovely vibes excellent melodies respect to you.

Susan K I heard tonight..that the Buskers are better than the beer at Kilted Mermaid. KM has EXCELLENT beer…so Buskers must be EXPONENTIALLY Excellent.

Lauren O Heard you guys for the first time Saturday, I really enjoyed yall. So unique!

Nicole M Best Band to play there (Murdock’s) ever!!!!!!!!

Brittany G you guys are awesome !

salty1 BBC features some of the best talent that this town has ever had and they guys are super cool. The most unique band I have heard in a long while.

Lisa M Love you guys!

Tom M I had the privilege of watching your show at CANFest. You guys were so absolutely creative, entertaining, talented, fun to listen to…really, the best band I’ve seen in such a very long time, and believe me, I’m absolutely a raging snoot about whom I choose to like in music. How in the world can I get you to appear in Gainesville, Florida? Just simply blown away.

Open Mike’s Open Mike’s If you have never heard them, you need to take a serious look at this band!!!! And every band in Brevard County (mine included) needs to step it up 10 notches!!!!! These guys have set the bar really high!!!! AMAZING SHOW!!!!!!