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Last night at the old hotel review @ Brevard Live

“Last Night At The Old Hotel is Melbourne Florida’s Brevard Busking Coalition doing once again what they do best – stun.”

Last Night at the Old Hotel – review on pg 21


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photo shoot with chuck van riper

photo shoot with chuck van riper

Brevard Busking Coalition: TBA
“We may have just finished the audio! Ermagerrd! I’m beside myself right now.” That is a day in the life of BBC leader Jared Campbell when asked about the new album.
Stating that he “can’t reveal it yet” when asked about the album name, he can explain about the musical direction that the band is headed in. “The first album was child’s play. This new album is more like adolescents play. We dumped out the entire toy box when it came to using instruments.”
Half the fun of hearing Brevard Busking Coalition is seeing the band perform live. Whether it was damn near silencing the crowd in the lobby of last year’s BMAs upon their arrival, or Campbell running around Lou’s Blues handing out commemorative kazoos, BBC make their music an experience. Tie dyed outfits and nontraditional bar band instruments have set the band apart from their local peers.
The new CD should follow suit. “It’s going to be a work of art,” says Campbell. “Do you remember the Dark Crystal? We are waiting for the great conjunction. We are waiting on the visuals to be finished so we’re looking to release it mid Aprilish. Our art director is having a hay day. Heads will ‘splode. Heads will definitely ‘splode.”
Campbell let leak some of the new song titles; “Thomas Rex”, “Come Down From the Clouds”, “Egghead Salad”.
One thing that we’ve come to expect from the band is the unexpected. Keep an ear and an eye out when the new album is released.

Brevard Live October issue


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