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Fanga alafia @ Space Coast Nerd Fest 2014-04-12

video by darth a.

Fanga alafia

(J. Campbell, traditional)

Fanga Alafia Ashe Ashe
Ikabo Alafia Ashe Ashe

Welcome to our world today
Good health to you always
Peace is my intention
and motivates what I say

Look into my eyes again
I want to make sure you are a friend
Trust should be expected
With innocence as a trend

No tricks up our sleeves
No war, no disease
We only come in peace

“Fanga” is a mystery
It could mean anything
“Alafia” translates as welcome
Good health to you and peace
“Ashe” is authority
Vital life-force energy
The word for inner power
That exists in everything

“Ikabo” I don’t know
Forgiveness some say so
David wants to sing about burritos!!!

(*tip of the hat to Speedy Gonzales)