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Spacebar (UKO) @ Space Coast Nerd Fest 2014-04-12


videos by darth a.

Spacebar (UKO) @ Melbourne Music Marathon 2014-02-02

video by lisa p.

Spacebar (UKO)

(His Cheap Moves, J. Campbell)

Chalmun’s Cantina
A wretched hive of villany and scum
reminds me of Sidi Driss in Matmata, South Tunisia

Ponda Baba Leave me alone!
I came for the Modal Nodes

Mos Eisley just ain’t for me
This space bar has to go

Don’t hassle me anymore
Down at the UKO

My friend does not like you
I don’t like you either

Figrin D’an plays lead
Fiending out on glitterstim spice
It’s harvest time and Han is back from
Millennium Kessel Run

Glitterstim has finally seen the light
Figrin D’an – That Kloo horn is hot!

Ponda Baba, I will slit your throat!