(b. tilford)

now there’s a species, down on that planet
they’re evolving yeah they could get it
it’s worth a thought, and what a system
so let’s give em, give em plenty, of love

it’s a classroom, it’s a playground
it’s the very most serious game
a theme park, of mass proportion
where we give em, give em plenty, of love

let’s just let em go, coz we already know
they’re gonna figure it out but it’s fun to watch how
let’s give em all the love, see of they take it
sometimes they will, sometimes they fake it

they make all the time, and soon they’ll find
they’re in a, universe, of love
already in a, universe of love

watch em bicker, and hurt each other
just like children on the playground
watch em win, and want more power
tho we give em, give em plenty, of love

as they absorb it, they’ll learn and love it
into a star of a brand new color
once they see, they’re all together
all their lights, lights all shining, as one

human nature, human behavior, that’s the way it goes
now they’re a species, just reachin, reachin out for love