The premiere of the BUD THE SPUD video!

Bud the Spud book
The book is on sale @ amazon.com


Bud the Spud
the soundtrack to Bud the Spud is complete and was handed over to the author and publisher yesterday.

A: guitar
brYan: melodium, banjo, vox fx, kazoo
db: finger snaps, roland handsonic (tv blue, ambience, drips, thumps, rama cymbal, tambura, jaws harp), chimes, guitar, potato drops + chops, whistle, bass, egg + gourd shakers, studio majik
Jared: mandolin, finger snaps, bass, guitar, vox fx, cappuccino steamer, iPad (xylophone, DM1 drum machine), roland handsonic (bass drum, hi-hat, snare, cymbal), kazoo, salt shaker, knives, iPhone (GyroSynth), vox
Tom: cymbal, finger snaps, flip flops, big bass drum, hi-hat
Adam T: reading, ukulele
Bobbi H: finger snaps
fly (sample)

soundtrack recorded, mixed, + mastered w/ sonar @ db studio jan-jul/2012

recording/mixing pics: